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Are supposedly amazingly versatile, so we shall see after or maybe during this post.

More, More, More…

Lots of updates since i last talked to you on the main page.  Full working and formatted gallery, new starred review system for the playground, some spam prevention and back end admin stuff for me, oh and recently played songs list on the playground as well.

Enjoy for now, much much more to come, i might actually have all the concepts finished this week. ~s

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This is a rating test, this is only a rating test.

This is a rating test, this is only a rating test. Mania

Well, after a couple months of one of my friends (thank you katie) bitching to me about not jumping on the online music playing data cataloging services, I’ve jumped on the train. I have to say, so far, I’m impressed. happens to be a full variable system that determines the kind of music you like and listen to regularly then allows itself, with it’s self-proclaimed massive computer brain, the clout to recommend you music that you will like. And to my pleasent surprise that brain must be massive cause my frist impression is dead on, it works great.

More on this later.

Productive Days are Bliss

Truely they are. They touch me in a place where I wish more teen girls would.  Wait, that came out wrong. Anyway, this site has jumped a few levels of completion in the last 2 days, which makes me feel happy with it.  Though I still think theres quite a bit to get worked out.

Turns out i’m always pleasently surprised when I discover that the simple things to do in webdesign are quite hard and the hard things are simple, i guess it’s all in the execution.  In anycase, at the this pace i’ll have the main concept portions of the site done by the end of the week, and nothing makes me happier then a job well FINISHED.  Until then, I shall see you crazy kids later. ~Sterling


This is fun with videogames test. To see if I can exclude this category from being displayed, hopefully I can do this easily and go to bed. ~s

WordPress 2.0

Good thing this site isn’t finished, or, ermm… hasn’t even been worked on since november, cause there could be problems with this update to the newest, better version of my blogging software. If you didn’t get any of that, don’t worry, with all hopes it should only make your life visiting here and this site better. See you in a bit. ~Sterling