Think Free

Loving the warm color palette lately.   This piece was inspired by another design from Italian Carnival. Once saw a great anime about it, can’t remeber the name exactly, but I digress.  This piece was more a fun test of skills than anything else. Orignally intended to be a asymetrically placed t-shirt idead, but now I think it’d look much better on a large poster print.

I’m starting to notice that freedom is creeping into my designs.  It seems that things turn out better when I just go with what I feel, more so than trying to force perfection.   That may have been the first time I’ve ever truely felt that imperfections made it beautiful.  I’ll just have to remember not to take that thought too far!  So maybe only in moderation! Ha ha… =$

Think Free!Think Free!

My week in Twitter:

  • Everbody got something on they mind, they been thinking for some time, but never had the heart to say. =$ –>#
  • Eygptian décor, coloring logic. –>#
  • Cry havoc, and let loose the dogs of war. –>#
  • Life is a sexually transmitted existence with a 100% mortality rate. So don’t live it in fear. –>#
  • *sigh* *shakes head* Silly rabbit… –>#
  • Suit, check. Swagga check. Stepping out the door for another inbreiated escapade? Check! =$ –>#
  • Is listening to the sound of sleet hitting his windshield and jose gonzales on his drive home. –>#
  • Yyyaaayyy!!! We’re having a white… spring? Wait what the HELL is going on?! Currently searching for open mountains! =$ –>#

You can’t see it, but I can

A current personal project I’m working on, insipired by a beautiful friend of mine.  It’s still a work in progress, she’s going to have to do some more modeling for me to get it just right.

As of now, the body position is a bit off, shadows are incorrect, background needs more texture, but the piece is so much fun!  So many elements at play.  But I figured I’d show you a deconstructed and constructed image just to show you how much more effort goes into those things that look so “simple” to you.  I just find it strange how much artists will often cover up some of the most detailed work they do.  But as I always like to say: “Making difficult things look easy is a mark of greatness”. =$
You can't see it, but I can!You can’t see it, but I can!
What I see when someone's in their own world.What I see when someone’s in their own world.

Also Testing new Gallery feature, lets see how it works.  So many of these wordpress features I used to do manually, guess I should have learned to use automated tools?  I think training on Frontpage so long made me inherrentlydistrust WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editors!

Photo Edits Hi-Lo

So, I’ve been playing with photo-edits recently, illustrating some, photographic stylizing some, adding elements to others, using live trace and all sorts of things.  This was a concept I came up with earlier today, one meant to be a wall paper, the other just to look pretty, examples below, let me know what you think.  Which one is better, more detail or more style? =$


Hi-Res Desktop version (1600x1280)

[caption id="attachment_111" align="alignnone" width="460" caption="Low Res Version with real image (748x597)"]popart_lr[/caption]


Kanye West’s new video, “Welcome to Heartbreak”.

Graphic Test

x-play, Playstation Dedication

Imaginary Brand Work, High Rise Vodka

High Rise Vodka Concept Branding. High Rise Vodka Branding Test

Abstract Dayz

I was feeling abstract that day.

I was feeling abstract that day.

Early Morning Glory

Graphic Design conquests of those who rise early with imagination.

Graphic Design conquests of those who rise early with imagination.

Self Indulgence

Red Bull Concert Poster Comp.