Broken Blog

An upgrade to WordPress 2.7.1 broke portions of my blog.  But I’m taking it as an excuse to start working on it again.  And who knows, I may even start, *gasp*, blogging!

Only time will tell, wish me luck!  =$

Myspace Rules the World

Due to a myspace page I’ve been working on, I haven’t had much time or ambition to work on this site, so I figured an update for a finished project would be nice… so here I am, updating, sites finished, go see… NOW!! ~s

Custom Fields

Are supposedly amazingly versatile, so we shall see after or maybe during this post.

More, More, More…

Lots of updates since i last talked to you on the main page.  Full working and formatted gallery, new starred review system for the playground, some spam prevention and back end admin stuff for me, oh and recently played songs list on the playground as well.

Enjoy for now, much much more to come, i might actually have all the concepts finished this week. ~s

Productive Days are Bliss

Truely they are. They touch me in a place where I wish more teen girls would.  Wait, that came out wrong. Anyway, this site has jumped a few levels of completion in the last 2 days, which makes me feel happy with it.  Though I still think theres quite a bit to get worked out.

Turns out i’m always pleasently surprised when I discover that the simple things to do in webdesign are quite hard and the hard things are simple, i guess it’s all in the execution.  In anycase, at the this pace i’ll have the main concept portions of the site done by the end of the week, and nothing makes me happier then a job well FINISHED.  Until then, I shall see you crazy kids later. ~Sterling

WordPress 2.0

Good thing this site isn’t finished, or, ermm… hasn’t even been worked on since november, cause there could be problems with this update to the newest, better version of my blogging software. If you didn’t get any of that, don’t worry, with all hopes it should only make your life visiting here and this site better. See you in a bit. ~Sterling

Delays Run Rampant

Due to current personal portfolio work, I will not be working on this site for at least another week. Please be patient, web design always takes time to produce a quality result. I greatly appreciate your patience, and as a treat, my next posts will be the ones I wrote while in Japan last week WITH pictures (in a picture gallery that is formatted correctly ;) ). ~Sterling P. Sanders

Quote Test

this guy has GOT to be fucking kidding me….

Well that didn’t work… I suppose you can’t start a post with a blockquote, no problem there, live and learn i suppose. ~s

The man who is proudly certain of his own value, will want the highest type of woman he can find: the woman he admires, the strongest, the hardest to conquer–because only the possession of a heroine will give him the sense of an achievement.

(Editors Note: My friend just showed me that you CAN start with a block quote, it just doesn’t work for me, so i simply said fuck it… and i shall never start a post with a block quote… thank you for your time )

Site Construction

Yesterday was the implementation of my picture gallery, it looks fairly basic, but you don’t know how much work went into at least getting it that much of where it was supposed to be.
In anycase, today, i’m working on fixing the implementation of the gallery, and working on some sidebar features and formatting to get it looking more natural, more later I think, until then.

My First Picture

Aawww.. my first picture aawwww… my first picture.
No really, it makes me feel special that my web design skills are so much better that i can final implement graphical elements into my weblog…. err.. right. But it looks like i need a certain amount of text to wrap the picture to make it look right, so i guess i’ll keep typing until that moment comes…. yep, looks like it’s here… ~s out