Sterling Sanders says… BATTLESTAR!

Awesome video from company called Sixty40, a motion design and animation firm from Aussie-land. All of their work has an air of the bizarre to it, but this one is something special. Absolutely killing this video for Warp Records. Harmonic 313, the artist of the song, combines a super hype, fire electro soundtrack with emcees Phat Kat and Elzhi, for what results in one of the most energetic and enjoyable new tracks from people I’ve never heard of.

The song is about “Battlestar” is about:

 ”Battlestar” is the story of a deceivingly sized binocular spaceship coming to earth and decimating an unsuspecting b-boy in order to conquer the universe. (view full text here)

From concept to execution, it’s impressive. And you know what? They just made me an insta fan of the company, the producer, and the emcees. Ahh, I love freshness! =$