My week in Twitter:

  • Life is all about timing, timing is everything. –>#
  • Wacom Intuius4…. Drooooolll! =$ –>#
  • Skype for IPhone, awesome, wifi only, but still awesome! –>#
  • You remind me of a girl, that I, once knew. =$ –>#
  • My favorite new band: Nico Vega. –>#
  • Achieving the end of the exercise was never really the point of the exercise, was it? =$ –>#
  • Throwback song of the moment: Reality – Yolanda –>#
  • The end is rarely so great a thing as the journey. =$ –>#
  • LOST is…. insane! Best show ever. –>#
  • You know what, fuck it, I’m above it. I let fools take shots at me, no response; I just FLIP, and POP my collar like the Fonz. =$ –>#
  • R&R jeans, cover the rectum, I kick game just like David Beckham. –>#
  • Life is not a spectator’s sport. Win, lose or draw, the game is in progress. =$ –>#

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